Become Talent
We are always looking for fresh faces and great talent to add to our database. If you are interested in being considered for representation, please read the following information carefully. (Minors need to have parents submit them)

We work with ages 4 and up -kids, teens and adults. Models do not have to have experience, but experience is preferred for our adult actors. Fashion Models need to be 5'9 - 6' for women (size 0-4) and 6' - 6'2 for males (30-32 waist). Commercial print models do not have specific size requirements.

We need responsible individuals who are passionate and serious about doing this type of work. Talent need to have reliable transportation, with flexible schedules (who can work during the weekday).

You can submit online by completing the form under our Submissions page. You will be able to upload photos (jpegs please), stats, experience, etc. Please allow up to 4 weeks for a response. If we feel like you may be a match for the agency our office will contact you to set up a meeting. Please, no phone calls following up on submissions. We will contact you via email.

1. Add your headshot (If you don't have a professional one, you can use a digital snapshot). Add other photos of your choice, just make sure they are clear.
2. Include your resume
3. There will be a field where you can put a link to your demo reel or samples of your work. If you don't have one, please tape a monologue or scene and send a link of that.

1. Include 1 face shot and 1 full length body shot. (They don't need to be professional, but they should be good snapshots where we can clearly see you, with good lighting, etc.)
2. No make-up.
3. Fashion Models should wear form fitting clothes, such as jeans and a tank top. Males can be shirtless if they choose. Print Models can wear any clothes.
3. Please do not use filters or photoshop on your photos. Be natural.
4. Include other photos of your choice, just make sure they are clear.

1. Please include a link to your voice demo reel.